Hello, and thanks for checking out my website! My name is John Kraus; I’m a 17 year old photographer from Satellite Beach, Florida. I’m currently a senior at Satellite High School.

I work as a photojournalist under AmericaSpace, a space news website covering American spaceflight. I often have cameras on-site at the Cape Canaveral launchpads to capture stunning closeup views of rocket launches. Other times I shoot launches off-site to take advantage of the beautiful scenery the Space Coast has to offer.

In July 2017 I had the honor of volunteering for Buzz Aldrin’s ShareSpace Foundation, working as an event photographer at the ShareSpace Foundation Apollo 11 Gala at Kennedy Space Center Visitor Complex, which commemorated the 48th anniversary of the Apollo 11 mission in July 1969.

Put on display in September 2017, one of my most popular photos is printed roughly 50×20 feet tall in United Launch Alliance’s headquarters in Centennial, Colorado. (Click for image)


You may also have seen my work here: