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First off: thank you for your interest in a print of one of my photos. Please read the entirety of this page for information about print sales.

I offer prints of most photos displayed on this site. If you’re interested in buying a print, please send an email to with the link to which photo you want to order and a rough size estimate. Some photos may have to be re-cropped slightly to fit different ratios, and you’ll be given a preview of any changes before we finalize the order.

Prints are on a simple, high quality, slightly glossy paper. Prints do NOT include frames and are borderless. Shipping is free. Some sizes and their prices: 

  • 8×10: $30
  • 8×12: $35
  • 11×14: $45
  • 16×20: $90
  • 16×24: $100
  • 20×30: $150
  • 24×36: $175 (not available for all photos due to their original resolution).

Keep in mind that I do offer slight discounts for bulk orders depending on the quantity and size of the prints you order.

These are my most popular sizes, but if you want something specific, I will let you know if I’m able to print at that size.

While my portfolio on this site’s front page consists only of my best images, you may also want a print of some of my 2016 Photo a Day or 2017 Photo a Day photographs.

As of now, I can only take payment through PayPal. Upon receiving payment, I order your print through a professional printing service and it is carefully prepared/packaged, then sent directly to your address. Prints should arrive within two to five days of me placing the order, which is typically within a day of receiving payment. Currently, I can only ship to addresses in the United States (and Canada, but with a $30 additional shipping fee). If you’re outside the US or Canada, I can sell you a high-resolution copy of the image that you can get printed locally. 

Recent Addition: Metal Prints

I’ve recently received a lot of inquires about metal prints. If that’s something that interests you, shoot me an email with a size estimate and I can get back to you with a rate. Keep in mind that metal prints will be pricier than typical metal prints due to their build quality and cost of production.


Thank you,

John Kraus



*Any drone/aerial photographs on this site are NOT for sale. I am not yet licensed through the Federal Aviation Administration to sell drone media for any use. Otherwise, you can order a print of any other photo on the site.